August 16, 2016

The Stella Modus Certification

The success of the Stella Modus Certification is determined by

  • Developing  IQ, EQ, SQ, BQ

  • Our success in training all ages and levels
  • Our success in growing enthusiasm for performing and presenting on stage
  • Our success in Eisteddfods, Competitions, Exams, HSC, in-school music exams/projects etc.

  • The frequent performance opportunities
  • Providing performances rather than closed examinations
  • Open performance Grade Certifications rather than closed examinations

  • The passion for music that is developed throughout the course of learning
  • The ability to stay curious and passionate through a balanced individual training program
  • Our ability to combat the “quit” phases with steps and tools to maintain passion for music

  • Adversity Training – providing the right tools in overcoming challenges

  • The respect, compassion and patience applied in designing individual classes for each student
  • Encouragement of imagination, creativity, personal interpretation & individuality

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The Stella Modus brief criteria outline

  1. Performance
  2. Emotional Analysis
  3. Theoretical Analysis
  4. Historical Analysis
  5. Presentation
  6. BQ – physical training

Grade Certifications 

  • Grades 1~8 Certification
  • Professional Diploma
  • Concert Pianist Diploma

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