August 13, 2016


At Vaucluse Piano School, we provide Masterclasses open to the public on a regular basis.
Our Masterclasses are divided into three components:

  1. Individual Performances
  2. Open Lessons
  3. Interactive Discussions

Our aim is to provide an opportunity:

  • for our students to learn to enjoy performing on stage
  • for the public to understand and witness each student’s successful artistic training through
    The Stella Modus Certification
  • to understand the intricate training process and its benefits that filter into all areas of life;
    IQ, EQ, SQ & BQ
  • for students and parents to connect with others who share their passion
  • to witness others’ progress, compare each others’ journey and find support

Duration: 2 hours
Refreshments and Afternoon Tea served after Masterclass


Adult $30
Child $15

Contact us here to reserve your seats. Seats are limited.