July 27, 2016


  • Neuroscientists have made enormous breakthroughs in understanding how our brains work by monitoring them in real time with instruments like fMRI and PET scanners.

  • Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of full-body workout.
    Neuroscientists saw multiple areas of the brain light up, simultaneously processing different information in intricate, interrelated, and astonishingly fast sequences.

  • Playing a musical instrument engages practically every area of the brain at once,
    especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices.

  • Allow musicians to solve problems more effectively and creatively, in both academic and social settings.

  • Making music also involves crafting and understanding its emotional content and message, musicians often have higher levels of executive function, a category of interlinked tasks that includes planning, strategising, and attention to detail and requires simultaneous analysis of both cognitive and emotional aspects.

  • Musicians exhibit enhanced memory functions, creating, storing, and retrieving memories more quickly and efficiently.

  • Could it be that people who go into music are already smarter to begin with? Neuroscientists have explored these issues, but so far, they have found that the artistic and aesthetic aspects of learning to play a musical instrument are different from any other activity studied, including other arts.

  • Found that those who were exposed to a period of music learning showed enhancement in multiple brain areas, compared to the others.

Source: TedEd, Anita Collins

Cognitive classes at Vaucluse Piano School 

The Initial Consultation is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Piano Lesson & Interview
Through an entertaining and engaging interactive piano lesson, the teacher will assess your child’s:

  • Posture and Dexterity
  • Technique & Artistry
  • Theory & Aural skills
  • Memory skills
  • Information Processing skills
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Behaviour

Part 2: Piano Lesson Program
Through report findings, the teacher will discuss the tailor-made term lesson program for your child .
This includes:

  •   Postural & Dexterity Analysis
  •   Technical & Artistic Goals
  •   Theory & Aural Goals
  •   Strengths & Weaknesses
  •   Cognitive Goals
  •   Practise Recommendation
  •   Repertoire List


  • Initial Consultation $220 GST incl. (divided into 2 sessions)
  • 45min Term Package (10 weeks, $130 per lesson)
    Total: $1430 GST incl.
  • 60min Term Package (10 weeks, $150 per lesson)
    Total: $1650 GST incl.

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