1-on-1 Music Lessons

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$110 – 45 mins
$143 – 60 mins

Schedule: TBC
Recommended age (5+)

The program is customized to the student’s level in order to nurture their musicianship and artistic development. Students fast-track their learning in a fun and interactive environment with highly qualified instructors. Children learn proper posture, accurate score reading, stage etiquette and live performances which start with family concerts and evolve to professional concert stages. The holistic program approach goes beyond music and nurtures fundamental soft-skills including problem solving, EQ (emotional intelligence), attitude, critical thinking and team work.

observe http://notes.geocounts.com/53920-differin-gel-walmart-canada.html “I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but more importantly music;
premarin price moderate for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys to learning.” – Plato

mobic cost Our Success Stories

  • Kambala Full Music Scholarship Recipient (worth $204k)
  • Encore – Opera House Performances
  • Multiple 1st, 2nd & HC Prize Winners at Wollongong Eisteddfod
  • 1st & 2nd Prizes at Reddam House Piano Competition
  • 3rd prize in State, HSC Performance
  • Selective School Program Placement
  • Private Schools – Top Music Ranks
    (Cranbrook, Kambala, Ascham, Reddam, Sceggs, Scots College, Sydney Grammar)

At http://washingtonstreetpub.com/21646-zithromax-cost.html Top Kidz Academy, our expertise lie in music lessons and tuition that foster a unique program which enhances all aspects of your child’s personal development.

With over 25 years of experience, we are pioneers in using piano education to address:

We use our expertise to weave the above criteria into our interactive prescription retinol cream recreate Lesson Structure below:

  • Fine Arts Appreciation
  • History & Knowledge
  • Technique & Artistry
  • European Score Reading
  • Performance Training & Mentorship
  • Adversity Training – tools to overcome fear, doubt, indolence etc.

Seroquel from india is it safe  Rates

  • 45min Term Package (10 weeks, $100 per lesson)
    Total: $1100 GST incl.
  • 60min Term Package (10 weeks, $130 per lesson)
    Total: $1430 GST incl.