Music Scholarship

Eli Alfassi (age 11) wins scholarship worth $204k

“…had never played a note on the instrument when she joined the “fast-track” program at
Vaucluse Piano School aged nine.”

Vaucluse Piano School Fast-Track Scholarship Program,
available in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

To be eligible, request an Application form here.
*No musical experience required.


Program Overview

Students receive the following strategic guidance:

  • Piano Lessons (min. 2hrs p.w)
  • Yoga (min. 2 sessions p.w)
  • Theory/Aural Training
  • Mentorship
    (Ensuring the program is tailored to the student’s emotional, physical and mental capabilities. Mentorship is provided to create opportunity for deeper communication through routine assessments.)
  • Practise Schedule
    (tailored to each student’s daily schedule)
  • Resume/CV building
    (Eisteddfod prep., School soirees/performances/in-school music ranking)
  • Stage Performance Mentorship
    (Build stage tolerance and stamina through different concert platforms)
  • Technical Workshops
  • Artistry Workshops
  • Repertoire List
    (List of musical pieces most suited to the student)
  • Direct communication with School Faculty
  • 2nd instrument choice guidance



  • Application Fee
    $220 GST incl. (includes 30min in-studio Consultation)
  • 60min Term Package (10 weeks, $200 per lesson, 2 lessons p.w)
    Total: $4400 GST incl.
  • 90min Term Package (10 weeks, $300 per lesson, 2 lessons p.w)
    Total: $6600 GST incl.