November 17, 2016

Vaucluse Piano School Staff

Sydney’s Leading Piano and Wellness Teachers

Instructor of  Piano, Drums & Mandarin Tutor,
Ms Joanna Chen

Ms Joanna is a great pianist and drummer who has a sincere passion in teaching and guiding children. She has taught as a successful and much sought after music teacher in both primary and high schools world-wide.

Ms Joanna is also a highly experienced Mandarin tutor with extensive experience in teaching as a Mandarin teacher at the Sydney Taiwanese School. She continues to guide language students of all levels in achieving fluency, competence and confidence with great success here at Vaucluse Piano School.

Her kindness, warmth and gentle approach is loved by all and her immense devotion in making music and foreign language accessible to all shows strongly in her professional teaching methods.

Activities Coordinator, Mr Maximus Escouri

“Every child deserves first and foremost, the gift of health and balance in life.”
– Maximus

Mr Max provides Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition & Rehabilitation for our students and parents in the Eastern Suburbs including Bondi, Coogee and Vaucluse. Maximus Wellness take a simple, organic approach without compromising the body’s natural processes to encourage optimum wellbeing for the mind and body.

For more information on our Maximus Wellness Programs at Vaucluse Piano School, click here
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Instructor of  Piano, Ms Chermaine Chew

Ms Chermaine, a concert pianist and passionate music educator, gained her Associate and Licentiate diplomas as well as a full Music Scholarship to Roseville College. Since graduating Roseville College with an ATAR of 99.65, she continued her musical education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she earned a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours, Class I) degree. 
As a performer, Ms Chermaine’s performances have been broadcasted on 2MBS-FM and ABC National Radio. She has been a prize winner in Sydney Eisteddfod, Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, and Ryde Eisteddfod and the recipient of academic as well as musical scholarships from the Australian Government, University of Sydney, and Rotary Club of Australia.
In her teaching, Ms Chermaine strives with patience, encouragement, and a sensitivity to the individual needs of each student to help them reach their unique potentials and goals. 

Instructor of  Piano, Mr Ray Sayah

Mr Ray is a phenomenal Instructor of Piano with extensive experience in pedagogy and performance.

He is a graduate of the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Piano and recipient of esteemed music scholarships.

Mr Ray’s professional knowledge of keyboard instruments have an extensive spectrum; baroque organ, classical pianoforte and contemporary electric keyboards. His expertise lie in classical, jazz and contemporary genres.

In his lessons, he prioritises enjoyment above all else. His teachings nurture a deep passion for music which is a key factor to the successes of his excelling students.

Instructor of  Cello & Piano, Ms Karin Kapsi

Miss Karin is a European cellist and pianist. Recipient of international music scholarships, Ms Karin’s passion for teaching children stem from her love of passing on her European musical heritage to our Australian community.

Ms Karin took on the role of Music Director in early childhood music education, making the most complex musical ideas accessible to younger students.

As an international performer, Miss Karin has toured with different bands and orchestras world wide and recorded both classical and contemporary music.

Instructor of  Piano, Flute, Guitar & Mandarin Tutor,
Ms Jennifer Lee

Ms Lee is a brilliant pianist, flautist (flute) and guitarist with extensive international experience in music education.

She fosters a fun and encouraging environment in her lessons. Her sincere devotion to our students’ well-being and growth is a key factor in their successes.

Ms Lee is also a qualified and much sought-after Music Therapist, specialising in working with children with special needs. She utilises music to develop and enhance cognitive, intellectual, physical, emotional and learning abilities.

As a highly experienced Mandarin tutor, Ms Lee has taught at the Sydney Taiwanese School and continues to share the joys of mastering a foreign language.

Instructor of  Yoga, Ms Georgie Beale

As a Kambala Old Girl, Ms Georgie understands the demands and pressures our students meet. She knows just how to bring about balance, focus and peace after a long day at school.

Ms Georgie’s teachings are highly informative and her affirming nature help our students develop confidence and courage to thrive.

A dedicated educator and lover of children, Ms Georgie brings awareness to mindfulness in her classes as she teaches students to increase concentration, find calm and practice gratitude each day.

Instructor of  Yoga, Ms Mari Campos

Ms Mariana finds great purpose and passion in sharing the gift of yoga with young children.

An expert in making the art of yoga accessible to children, Ms Mari presents wonderful classes with a great balance of movement and meditation.

Through fun yoga classes, Ms Mari ensures each student learns to acquire the skill of mindfulness – staying calm and collected.

Trusted Wellness and Piano Teachers for Coogee, Bondi & Vaucluse

Vaucluse Piano School is proud to provide world class piano tuition, and innovative industry leading wellness programs to Sydney’s Eastern suburbs including Coogee, Bondi, Tamarama and further afield. Our music tuition combines innovative techniques to give you and your child the greatest support in learning to play. Read more about our cognitive training methods, or contact our team to enrol.